Sunday, December 20, 2015

Episode #22 Oly | Slippin' and a Slidin'

This episode I had a very quick intro where I mention my new drum set then go to Skype where I had a great conversation with longtime friend and musician/photographer Oly (ooLyyyy). Oly and I talk about her new to-be-released album, the Miami weirdness phenomena, the differences between playing music live and recording and hearing alligators in the sewers while on acid, plus much much more! We also hear two great tracks by ooLyyyy and one off my album Blood Reef.
Oly’s work:
Crazy Joe Davola (How Florida people act)
Justin Robert – Blood Reef cassette

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Episode #21 Frank Meyers | History of Japanese Electric Guitars

For this episode I talk briefly about my new musical equipment purchases. I also talk about starting a surf rock band with my sister and co-worker/friend. Then play a song where I used a homemade electronic drum set.

After that I’m joined by Frank Meyers on Skype, the author of History of Japanese Electric guitars! Frank shares his experiences of writing the book and talks about his own guitar addiction. Frank traveled to Japan and met the people responsible for crafting his very first guitar and talked to a bunch of amazing people along the way!

I close the episode with a song by the 90s cult indie rock group, The Excitables (coming soon to Anthill Recordings)


Frank’s book
Frank’s website
Justin Robert – The Life of a Goldfish
The Excitables – 3AM (coming soon)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We'll be back soon!

Just hang in there, we'll be back soon with a great guest! In the meantime enjoy this song off my album "It Was Totally Evil Me" which you can download for free in it's entirety here 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Episode #20 - Chad Sine Halloween Extravaganza!

Podcast Episode #20 better late than never Halloween Special with Chad Sine!
I made it to 20 Episodes! I start off the show by talking about the Dan Hosker Continuum and play a crazy, scary, trippy song by Dan Hosker off of his album “They Call Me Damn Hostage” that very much fits the Halloween spirit!

Afterwards (but actually before) my old friend and sometimes Co-Host, Chad Sine stopped by on Skype to share some scary Halloween stories. We talk a bit about The Mothman, the weird old Bugs Bunny witch episodes with that big orange fuzzy thing, the really bizarre story of Elisa Lam, Chad’s friend who seemed to draw while possessed and witnessed multiple dark spirits. We also talk about when objects fall or seem to fly across the room for no reason whatsoever.

All of that and more with awesome music by Dan Hosker, Subtle People, and Big Figment!


Chad Sine / Bixby Studios

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Do you have ghost stories? Share them for our 20th episode Halloween special!!

Two things are coming up, firstly a monumental 20th episode! Secondly, Halloween! So I've decided to roll these two special occasions into one special 20th episode/Halloween special! My guest will be none other than the ultra-spooky Chad Sine of Bixby Studios!

You can be on this episode! Send me your paranormal stories to or leave a voicemail on my skype justin.robert87 . You must be okay with us reading them on the air. Hope to hear from you!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Podcast #19 - Dino Felipe!

For podcast #19 I talk about my trip to Delaware, then the greatness of the Ventures and an awesome documentary I saw on youtube about them. I also talk about my love of instrumental music and how I was never able to successfully start a surf rock band. 

After that, Miami based experimental musician, Dino Felipe stopped by on skype and we had a talk about creating music, the woes of performing live as a solo musician, and just joke around a bit too! Dino is a super creative guy and glad he came on to talk about his work!

Music by, Lover and Dino Felipe


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Podcast #18 - Agni Zotis | Art and Meditation

I return after a 3 week hiatus for podcast number 18 with an amazing guest, Agni Zotis! Agni is a brilliant visual artist who has been living in NYC since she was 4 years old. In addition to art she has started a meditation after-school program for teens called M.A.Y Kids Transform. Agni and I had an amazing talk about art, her late 20s explorations through India and the middle east, spiritual journeys, concepts of time, the simultaneous enlightenment and insanity of society and many other topics. This was a great podcast and an awesome way to come back!

Before I had Agni on Skype I talk about my recent experience as a Grand Juror, the USA’s mass shooting problem, and the moon landing hoax.

Help put a stop to gun violence!


Friday, September 25, 2015

Hang in there, I'll be back soon!

This isn't an episode, but just wanted to let all of you know that I'll be back soon. I've been called to Jury Duty this past week and will be there next week as well, so there's little time for me to do this and all my other projects while that is going on. I have been trying to piece together a special episode though so hopefully will have something here pretty soon!

Thanks for all the continued support and check back soon for another episode!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Podcast #17 - Neale Hoerle - Corporate Salesman Turned Brazilian Jujitsu Instructor

On this episode I say thank you to everyone who helped me meet my goal for my vinyl LP kickstarter, then I talk about the complexities of mastering for vinyl. Then I had a great guest, Neale Hoerle, who is a Brazilian Jujitsu instructor based in Morgantown, WV. Neal and I had an amazing talk about him leaving his full time corporate sales position to become a jujitsu instructor. We talk about living life the way you want, and what really matters and brings fulfillment to one’s soul. We also talk a bit about drug addiction and the corrupt pharmaceutical industry in the USA. Amazing music this episode by Derrick Hart, Emorej, and Markus Midnight!

Links discussed:

Manasota Kickstarter
Neale’s website
If Money Was No Object
The Four Agreements

Derrick Hart – 0073735963
Emorej – Touch The Sky
Markus Midnight – RX one

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Podcast #16 | Robert T | Ambient Air Traffic Controller

Electronic musician Robert T stopped by on skype for a great interview where we talk him leaving his job as an Air Traffic Controller where he had worked for 20 years and then becoming a musician. Robert now has a Bandcamp page and just released a new cassette EP!

Robert and I had a great talk about the healing effects of music, massive gear nerd-age about synths, using hardware to perform, remixes, cassettes, vinyl, cds, digital music, and creativity. We also talk about getting over fears to do pursue your artistic goals and my problem with procrastination.

Robert T’s live performance on Youtube

Music by:
K Paul Boyev – Pound The Table

Other things talked about:

Monday, August 24, 2015

Podcast #15 – J Marinelli | booking shows and touring

Podcast #15 – J Marinelli | booking shows and touring
For episode 15 I talk about my Manasota Kickstarter then guest Jay Marinelli stopped by to talk about being a one man band, our UFO sighting, how to get over playing a crappy show, tour booking and playing in Europe.

Music by:
J. Marinelli – Lockdown Town

Podcast #14 - There is no podcast #14

Well, there was supposed to be an episode 14 but the guests cancelled. So why didn't I just call the next guest 14? Well I had a folder already setup for #14 so when creating my next podcast I saw the #14 folder and naturally starting calling everything #15, even in the podcast itself. So by the time I realized what I had done is was already too late unless I wanted to rerecord everything, which I didn't. So there is no podcast #14 :P

Monday, August 10, 2015

Podcast #12 Will Scecina | being a working musician and the meaning of life

Episode #12 - Will Scecina | Being a working musician and the meaning of life

My old friend Will Scecina stopped by on Skype and we had an amazing chat about being a professional "working musician" and the things that it takes to make a living playing music in today's world. This is what Will does. He plays corporate gigs, weddings, entertainment gigs, covers and nearly all other types of live gigs that generate income.

We also talk about the public's value, or lack of value towards music in general, and how somebody who understands the details of an art form will most likely value it more than those that do not.

We also touched on homelessness, poverty, economics, animal rights and how to get started in becoming a professional musician. Will was a great guest and we had a great talk. Will's website

Charity I talked about but couldn't remember the name


Fulkramic - Fession
Us Four - Keep Your Head Up Julsie
Enderhall - Little Jimmy's Straight Up Crazy
Justin Wierbonski - Deadlines (Nervous System)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Podcast #11 Wolfenstein OSX | Vaporwave: A Brief Interview

Podcast #11
Guest Wolfenstein OS X, creator of the documentary “Vaporwave: A Brief History”

Documentary link
Wolfenstein’s awesome short film “Asylum”

Deluxepaint 418 - M@6ic
Wolfenstein OS X – Simpsonitus
Moai – Maze
Candstandya – Ocean

 We had a great talk about his documentary, what Vaporwave is, how the younger millennials are exposed to far more media than all generations of the past, how intellectual property is a dying concept. We also speculated about what media and the internet will be like in the future, performing live, effort or lack of effort in music, is Vaporwave music or art, or both, or neither? is it stealing?what makes certain types of Vaporwave unsettling, and how the internet is making younger generations far more global reaching than those that came before them.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Podcast #10 - Hunting Is Stupid

Podcast #10 - hunting is stupid, human consciousness and alien abductions

On my tenth podcast I go it alone and talk about needing a volunteer for Anthill Recordings, the stupidity of hunting, the shortness of human life, the human consciousness phenomena, and finding pleasure in creativity.

Thanksgiving Fast – Justin Robert

The Soothsayer – Christopher Costabile

Weak In The Knees – Permanent Makeup

Found 8 - Demonic Sweaters

Monday, July 27, 2015

Demonic Sweaters Podcast #9 - Jesse Vance - Being a freelance creative & not working for the man

Me and Jesse had an amazing conversation about the shrinking American Dream, Trade school vs Bachelor’s Degrees, student debt, running a DIY experimental music and art venue, non-profit corporations, the difficulties of being an artist and not getting paid, and being a venue and not making enough to pay, building custom sound installations, dealing with things outside of your control and how not to lose sight of your goals, 9 to 5 vs freelance, facebook addiction vs promotion, meditation, large companies demanding you care about things that are impossible to care about, police brutality, private prison industry, war on drugs, and herd mentality.

Jesse’s links:
The Venture Compound

Subtle People – Promise to Keep Your Promises
Demonic Sweaters – Obsessive Forgetfulness
DC9V (Jesse) – An Air On Persistence  

Weird News:
Alien Hybrid Found Dead in LA

All scientific papers published by only 6 corporations

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Demonic Sweaters Podcast Episode #8 - Frickin' Chad Sine

Chad Sine of Bixby Studios stopped by once again, this time we were plagued with some Skype technical difficulties, but they were a pretty humorous. We talked about 3D printing, Ash vs Evil Dead, Sharknado Trilogy, awful comic book movies of the 1980s, whether or not Tom Cruise is leaving Scientology or starting a 24 hour Scientology propaganda news network, Scientology's occult history, and misleading movie trailers.


Thundertronix-Nitemare - Dr. Capris & the Medicine (Welcome Beauty Sounds)

Panaphonix - Tandy Teng (Anthill Recordings)

Fornax Void - Castle On The Sea (

Justin Robert - Running Out Of Paper (Anthill Recordings)

Demonic Sweaters - Radiant Dream

Chad Sine -

Tom Cruise & Scientology's CNN

The Babalon Working

Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer

Trial of the Incredible Hulk

Sharknado 3 Trailer

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Demonic Sweaters Podcast #7 - K Paul Boyev - Ear Surgery, Florida Noise Music, Coffee, and Gear

 Podcast #7 Sunday July 12th 2015 with special guest K Paul Boyev. K Paul is an experimental musician and Neurotologist / Inner Ear Surgeon. He stopped by on Skype to talk about what it’s like to be a surgeon, operations that cure deafness, the isolated Florida noise music scene, guitar amplifiers, recording and production, coffee and many other interesting topics.

This was a really fascinating interview and features some great music by ExoticModulationSky, Kate Morris, K Paul Boyev, and Those Damn Bloodsuckers!

Topic Links:
Sonic Circuits
K. Paul Reads J. D. Nelson to Noise

Music links:
Hideaway – Exotic Modulation Sky
Where the Wild Lilacs Grow – Kate Morris
Appalachian Bride - K Paul Boyev
Dale Cooper Bleeds Out – Those Damn Bloodsuckers

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Demonic Sweaters Podcast #6 - Chad Sine, art, being mistaken for a serial killer, pop culture, and fucked up job interviews

For this episode my best friend Chad Sine is my guest on Skype and talks about his Special FX art studio, Bixby Studios and some of the crazy things that happened to him while transporting a life-sized Samurai model he made in Tampa. We also get into the return of Twin Peaks and X-files, Dexter, Breaking Bad, True Detective, and Bloodline.

I share some weird job interview stories and how Brittany Spears gives me the bad music equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome. Then Chad gives us more insight into what it’s like being a freak magnet. We had a great time on this podcast and it’s definitely entertaining!

All of this with a great soundtrack by The Always People, The Children of Mu, and Justin Robert.

Bixsby Studios

David Lynch coffee commercial

David Lynch cigarette commercial

Music featured this episode:

The Children of Mu – Mound Builders

Justin Robert – The Life of a Goldfish

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Demonic Sweaters Podcast #5 - John Makohen, underage prostitution for drugs, and the Tylenol black market of NYC

For my 5th Podcast I have my first ever guest, John Makohen (Johnny Underage) on Skype talking about drugs, underage prostitution, weird Tylenol black market shoplifting rings, and about his soon-to-be completed book detailing his experiences of sexual abuse, drug addiction and recovery.

"When I was younger and ripe for the taking, whoring myself out to old men for an hour or two was my easiest way to secure a fix. It seems it was the safest, quickest, and most reliable way to keep the needle full and the monkey relaxed."

I also touch on my recent gay furry graphic novel purchase, Art Bell's return to talk and play some music by deluxepaint 418, Neocamp, and Auterkeia!


1. deluxepaint418 - Bimini -

2. Neocamp - LOLOLonely  -

3. Auterkeia - a_d -

Other mentions, Boystown (Gay Furry Graphic Novel NSFW 18+)

Art Bell Returns!

Johnny contacted me after the podcast and wanted to make the following corrections to his interview.
"The boy that helped me without knowing really helped me from losing the four years. I lost my sister in December, an ex-lover to HIV/AIDS liver complications in january a friend who left the streets of NYC in 1989 for a life in France to Cancer in February and My mother to Cancer in March.  I was spending time with this cat who really didnt understand me, especially my desire for friendship before Sex. A concept he could not wrap his mind around. (young very young)But I was so intrigued by this by this boy that my self-destructive nature or need to self-medicate all the pain I was feeling never even knocked on my door. Our friendship fizzled out. He definitely does not know the impact he had on me and how I probably wouldn't be sitting in this office typing this email at the moment if he was not present in my life during the cold hard winter of 2015. "

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Demonic Sweaters Podcast #3 Banned from Reddit & Disturbing Internet Pornography

Demonic Sweaters Podcast #3, WTF I was banned from Reddit??!! Crazy ass internet pornography and Youtube is trying to drive me insane. The internet is a crazy place, with some songs by Demonic Sweaters, Shulaka, and Armisticio!
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Links mentioned:

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Demonic Sweaters Podcast #2 - Drugs and Music!

Episode # 2 of Demonic Sweaters Podcast! This one I get down and dirty about Drugs! Illegal drugs, meds, addiction and recovery, and my personal experience with them. All of this accompanied by an excellent soundtrack of music by Xela Zaid, Nacht, Video Ezy, and Justin Robert.
Music links from this episode:
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