Monday, July 27, 2015

Demonic Sweaters Podcast #9 - Jesse Vance - Being a freelance creative & not working for the man

Me and Jesse had an amazing conversation about the shrinking American Dream, Trade school vs Bachelor’s Degrees, student debt, running a DIY experimental music and art venue, non-profit corporations, the difficulties of being an artist and not getting paid, and being a venue and not making enough to pay, building custom sound installations, dealing with things outside of your control and how not to lose sight of your goals, 9 to 5 vs freelance, facebook addiction vs promotion, meditation, large companies demanding you care about things that are impossible to care about, police brutality, private prison industry, war on drugs, and herd mentality.

Jesse’s links:
The Venture Compound

Subtle People – Promise to Keep Your Promises
Demonic Sweaters – Obsessive Forgetfulness
DC9V (Jesse) – An Air On Persistence  

Weird News:
Alien Hybrid Found Dead in LA

All scientific papers published by only 6 corporations

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