Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Demonic Sweaters Podcast #6 - Chad Sine, art, being mistaken for a serial killer, pop culture, and fucked up job interviews

For this episode my best friend Chad Sine is my guest on Skype and talks about his Special FX art studio, Bixby Studios and some of the crazy things that happened to him while transporting a life-sized Samurai model he made in Tampa. We also get into the return of Twin Peaks and X-files, Dexter, Breaking Bad, True Detective, and Bloodline.

I share some weird job interview stories and how Brittany Spears gives me the bad music equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome. Then Chad gives us more insight into what it’s like being a freak magnet. We had a great time on this podcast and it’s definitely entertaining!

All of this with a great soundtrack by The Always People, The Children of Mu, and Justin Robert.

Bixsby Studios

David Lynch coffee commercial

David Lynch cigarette commercial

Music featured this episode:

The Children of Mu – Mound Builders

Justin Robert – The Life of a Goldfish

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