Saturday, November 28, 2015

Episode #21 Frank Meyers | History of Japanese Electric Guitars

For this episode I talk briefly about my new musical equipment purchases. I also talk about starting a surf rock band with my sister and co-worker/friend. Then play a song where I used a homemade electronic drum set.

After that I’m joined by Frank Meyers on Skype, the author of History of Japanese Electric guitars! Frank shares his experiences of writing the book and talks about his own guitar addiction. Frank traveled to Japan and met the people responsible for crafting his very first guitar and talked to a bunch of amazing people along the way!

I close the episode with a song by the 90s cult indie rock group, The Excitables (coming soon to Anthill Recordings)


Frank’s book
Frank’s website
Justin Robert – The Life of a Goldfish
The Excitables – 3AM (coming soon)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We'll be back soon!

Just hang in there, we'll be back soon with a great guest! In the meantime enjoy this song off my album "It Was Totally Evil Me" which you can download for free in it's entirety here 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Episode #20 - Chad Sine Halloween Extravaganza!

Podcast Episode #20 better late than never Halloween Special with Chad Sine!
I made it to 20 Episodes! I start off the show by talking about the Dan Hosker Continuum and play a crazy, scary, trippy song by Dan Hosker off of his album “They Call Me Damn Hostage” that very much fits the Halloween spirit!

Afterwards (but actually before) my old friend and sometimes Co-Host, Chad Sine stopped by on Skype to share some scary Halloween stories. We talk a bit about The Mothman, the weird old Bugs Bunny witch episodes with that big orange fuzzy thing, the really bizarre story of Elisa Lam, Chad’s friend who seemed to draw while possessed and witnessed multiple dark spirits. We also talk about when objects fall or seem to fly across the room for no reason whatsoever.

All of that and more with awesome music by Dan Hosker, Subtle People, and Big Figment!


Chad Sine / Bixby Studios