Friday, October 20, 2017

Episode 33 - In The Park (full album)

In The Park is my latest album. It’s a collection of dark lo-fi experiments, demos, and outtakes.

In The Park
Mothman Chicago
Sayonara Santa Claus
Based On Nothin’
Cosmo Boy
Night Gallery
Need To Know Basis
Lightning Witch
Drifter Love Song
Download the full flac version here

Monday, August 21, 2017

Episode 32 - Greg Leatherman

Episode 32 I mention the total solar eclipse of 2017, talk about my "Sun Drums" series, an upcoming online course I am creating called "Audio Recording on a Shoestring Budget with Audacity" and my new Patreon Page

Greg Leatherman is a poet, fiction writer, environmentalist, musician, and managing editor of ECO magazine and other publications and has worked for NASA and the Department of Energy. He's also just a cool as hell guy and was great to talk to. We had an amazing conversation about possible historical evidence of alien life on the moon, Planet X or Nibiru, climate change, music trends, fake news, propaganda, greedy media, the US's oil surplus, Trump, Neo Nazi Dipshits, media giving power to the wrong people, social media popularity contests, dropping all possessions and moving, my motivations for moving to NYC, how creativity changes your outlook on things, and A LOT OF OTHER SUBJECTS, haha. This was a completely fascinating talk, enjoy!


A New Start
Lavender Tarantula

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Episode 31 - OLY

Episode 31 – OLY!!

I start out this episode with a short tribute to Jim Marrs, who passed away on August 2nd 2017. Jim Marrs was one of my favorite authors and speakers and I’ve brought him up many times on this show. 

Then Oly stopped by on Skype for her second appearance on the DS podcast and we had a fun and hilarious conversation about music, recording, shows, dogs, relationships, and dating. Then we switched it up a bit and Oly interviewed me for a while which was a lot of fun.

Oly is a musician and photographer from Miami, FL

Music on this episode:

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Episode 30 - Agni Zotis

For episode 30, my friend, incredible artist, meditator, and world traveler, Agni Zotis makes her second appearance on the show. We had an amazing conversation about fire walking, deep meditation, traveling to India, the weird eyebrow lady with Trump, the craziness of NYC, psychic phenomena, numerology and all kinds of stuff! It was really a great conversation and was really fun. There’s music by Oscar and Demonic Sweaters.

Agni Zotis

Demonic Sweaters’ Music Store

Oscar -

Trump woman’s eyebrows


Tony Robbins fire walking

Monday, July 24, 2017

Episode 29 - Twin Peaks, The Superspectrum and the Trump Fiasco

The Demonic Sweaters Podcast returns for episode 29! On this episode I explain the name change (again) the future of the show, and upcoming guests. I talk about Twin Peaks, and Trump + conspiracies, then wrap it up with some more talk about John Keel’s 8th Tower (Superspectrum)
I also play some great music by Dafrebos, Eugene, and the cabs!


welcome to twin peaks



Cult of Materialism

The 8th Tower by John Keel

the cabs

Manasota 180g Vinyl

Demonic Sweaters Youtube

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ep 28 - Richard Shaver

Chad and Justin return after a few month hiatus to talk about Richard Shaver, Twin Peaks, Ray Palmer, Gobekli Tepe, funny stories, and people that claim they have no visual component of their brains. 

This was a pretty fun podcast, and one of our best episodes to date!


music on this episode provided by Curb Cobain and deluxepaint 418

Richard Sharpe Shaver (October 8, 1907 Berwick, Pennsylvania – November 5, 1975 Summit, Arkansas) was an American writer and artist.

Shaver's stories continued to appear in Amazing after Howard Browne replaced Ray Palmer as editor.

Even after his work fell out of favor with Amazing readers, Ray Palmer continued to publish Shaver in other genre magazines.

A special issue of Fantastic devoted to the "Shaver Mystery" was published in 1958
He achieved notoriety in the years following World War II as the author of controversial stories that were printed in science fiction magazines (primarily Amazing Stories), in which he claimed that he had had personal experience of a sinister, ancient civilization that harbored fantastic technology in caverns under the earth. The controversy stemmed from the claim by Shaver, and his editor and publisher Ray Palmer, that Shaver's writings, while presented in the guise of fiction, were fundamentally true. Shaver's stories were promoted by Ray Palmer as "The Shaver Mystery".

During the last decades of his life, Shaver devoted himself to "rock books"—stones that he believed had been created by the advanced ancient races and embedded with legible pictures and texts. He produced paintings based on the rock images and photographed the rock books extensively, as well as writing about them. Posthumously, Shaver has gained a reputation as an artist and his paintings and photos have been exhibited in Los Angeles, New York and elsewhere.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ep 27 - Extra Live Edition!

For episode number 4, Chad and Justin were actually together in the same room for a change at Chad's house in Morgantown, WV. What ensued was a great impromptu conversation about everything from cars, to USPS fails, how we met in grade school, Justin got expelled from Jr. High School, terrible things we did in school, and then we move to a great conversation about creativity and how to maintain passion and creativity amidst our busy lives. 

This episode was a lot of fun to record and we hope you all like it as much as we do!