Monday, August 24, 2015

Podcast #15 – J Marinelli | booking shows and touring

Podcast #15 – J Marinelli | booking shows and touring
For episode 15 I talk about my Manasota Kickstarter then guest Jay Marinelli stopped by to talk about being a one man band, our UFO sighting, how to get over playing a crappy show, tour booking and playing in Europe.

Music by:
J. Marinelli – Lockdown Town

Podcast #14 - There is no podcast #14

Well, there was supposed to be an episode 14 but the guests cancelled. So why didn't I just call the next guest 14? Well I had a folder already setup for #14 so when creating my next podcast I saw the #14 folder and naturally starting calling everything #15, even in the podcast itself. So by the time I realized what I had done is was already too late unless I wanted to rerecord everything, which I didn't. So there is no podcast #14 :P

Monday, August 10, 2015

Podcast #12 Will Scecina | being a working musician and the meaning of life

Episode #12 - Will Scecina | Being a working musician and the meaning of life

My old friend Will Scecina stopped by on Skype and we had an amazing chat about being a professional "working musician" and the things that it takes to make a living playing music in today's world. This is what Will does. He plays corporate gigs, weddings, entertainment gigs, covers and nearly all other types of live gigs that generate income.

We also talk about the public's value, or lack of value towards music in general, and how somebody who understands the details of an art form will most likely value it more than those that do not.

We also touched on homelessness, poverty, economics, animal rights and how to get started in becoming a professional musician. Will was a great guest and we had a great talk. Will's website

Charity I talked about but couldn't remember the name


Fulkramic - Fession
Us Four - Keep Your Head Up Julsie
Enderhall - Little Jimmy's Straight Up Crazy
Justin Wierbonski - Deadlines (Nervous System)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Podcast #11 Wolfenstein OSX | Vaporwave: A Brief Interview

Podcast #11
Guest Wolfenstein OS X, creator of the documentary “Vaporwave: A Brief History”

Documentary link
Wolfenstein’s awesome short film “Asylum”

Deluxepaint 418 - M@6ic
Wolfenstein OS X – Simpsonitus
Moai – Maze
Candstandya – Ocean

 We had a great talk about his documentary, what Vaporwave is, how the younger millennials are exposed to far more media than all generations of the past, how intellectual property is a dying concept. We also speculated about what media and the internet will be like in the future, performing live, effort or lack of effort in music, is Vaporwave music or art, or both, or neither? is it stealing?what makes certain types of Vaporwave unsettling, and how the internet is making younger generations far more global reaching than those that came before them.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Podcast #10 - Hunting Is Stupid

Podcast #10 - hunting is stupid, human consciousness and alien abductions

On my tenth podcast I go it alone and talk about needing a volunteer for Anthill Recordings, the stupidity of hunting, the shortness of human life, the human consciousness phenomena, and finding pleasure in creativity.

Thanksgiving Fast – Justin Robert

The Soothsayer – Christopher Costabile

Weak In The Knees – Permanent Makeup

Found 8 - Demonic Sweaters