Sunday, August 9, 2015

Podcast #11 Wolfenstein OSX | Vaporwave: A Brief Interview

Podcast #11
Guest Wolfenstein OS X, creator of the documentary “Vaporwave: A Brief History”

Documentary link
Wolfenstein’s awesome short film “Asylum”

Deluxepaint 418 - M@6ic
Wolfenstein OS X – Simpsonitus
Moai – Maze
Candstandya – Ocean

 We had a great talk about his documentary, what Vaporwave is, how the younger millennials are exposed to far more media than all generations of the past, how intellectual property is a dying concept. We also speculated about what media and the internet will be like in the future, performing live, effort or lack of effort in music, is Vaporwave music or art, or both, or neither? is it stealing?what makes certain types of Vaporwave unsettling, and how the internet is making younger generations far more global reaching than those that came before them.

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