Sunday, February 3, 2019

Episode 36 - Post Truth Era

Ep 36 I get into the weirdness of the post-truth era, how it's literally impossible to research things on the internet, working your final two weeks somewhere you already quit, anti-inflammatory drugs and natural alternatives, Ted Bundy and porn addiction. I also touch on some upcoming videos and talk about overcoming envy and jealousy, as well as play some songs.

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Canon SL2
Canon SX40hs

Drum Set:
Tama Imperialstar

Aquarian Studio X

Epiphone Les Paul Studio

Midi Controller:
Midiplus Classic 49

Dell Inspiron 5576

Audio Interface:
Behringer UMC404HD

Kick - CAD KBM412
Snare – Audio Technica ATM650
Overheads – Nady RSM-5 (this is an rsm-4, amazon no longer sells the 5)
toms – varies

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