Monday, August 21, 2017

Episode 32 - Greg Leatherman

Episode 32 I mention the total solar eclipse of 2017, talk about my "Sun Drums" series, an upcoming online course I am creating called "Audio Recording on a Shoestring Budget with Audacity" and my new Patreon Page

Greg Leatherman is a poet, fiction writer, environmentalist, musician, and managing editor of ECO magazine and other publications and has worked for NASA and the Department of Energy. He's also just a cool as hell guy and was great to talk to. We had an amazing conversation about possible historical evidence of alien life on the moon, Planet X or Nibiru, climate change, music trends, fake news, propaganda, greedy media, the US's oil surplus, Trump, Neo Nazi Dipshits, media giving power to the wrong people, social media popularity contests, dropping all possessions and moving, my motivations for moving to NYC, how creativity changes your outlook on things, and A LOT OF OTHER SUBJECTS, haha. This was a completely fascinating talk, enjoy!


A New Start
Lavender Tarantula

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Episode 31 - OLY

Episode 31 – OLY!!

I start out this episode with a short tribute to Jim Marrs, who passed away on August 2nd 2017. Jim Marrs was one of my favorite authors and speakers and I’ve brought him up many times on this show. 

Then Oly stopped by on Skype for her second appearance on the DS podcast and we had a fun and hilarious conversation about music, recording, shows, dogs, relationships, and dating. Then we switched it up a bit and Oly interviewed me for a while which was a lot of fun.

Oly is a musician and photographer from Miami, FL

Music on this episode: