Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Demonic Sweaters Podcast #5 - John Makohen, underage prostitution for drugs, and the Tylenol black market of NYC

For my 5th Podcast I have my first ever guest, John Makohen (Johnny Underage) on Skype talking about drugs, underage prostitution, weird Tylenol black market shoplifting rings, and about his soon-to-be completed book detailing his experiences of sexual abuse, drug addiction and recovery.

"When I was younger and ripe for the taking, whoring myself out to old men for an hour or two was my easiest way to secure a fix. It seems it was the safest, quickest, and most reliable way to keep the needle full and the monkey relaxed."

I also touch on my recent gay furry graphic novel purchase, Art Bell's return to talk and play some music by deluxepaint 418, Neocamp, and Auterkeia!


1. deluxepaint418 - Bimini -

2. Neocamp - LOLOLonely  -

3. Auterkeia - a_d -

Other mentions, Boystown (Gay Furry Graphic Novel NSFW 18+)

Art Bell Returns!

Johnny contacted me after the podcast and wanted to make the following corrections to his interview.
"The boy that helped me without knowing really helped me from losing the four years. I lost my sister in December, an ex-lover to HIV/AIDS liver complications in january a friend who left the streets of NYC in 1989 for a life in France to Cancer in February and My mother to Cancer in March.  I was spending time with this cat who really didnt understand me, especially my desire for friendship before Sex. A concept he could not wrap his mind around. (young very young)But I was so intrigued by this by this boy that my self-destructive nature or need to self-medicate all the pain I was feeling never even knocked on my door. Our friendship fizzled out. He definitely does not know the impact he had on me and how I probably wouldn't be sitting in this office typing this email at the moment if he was not present in my life during the cold hard winter of 2015. "

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